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Working with Rocket Your Rental means access to vetted resources acquired through and studied over years of research. I provide these to help you make decisions and save precious time and prepare for or prevent challenges.

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Amenities & Finishing Your Short-term Rental

Featured Home Products Listing

The best handpicked house products for your short-term rental business.

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Free Resources From Me

Rocket Your Rental

How I Achieved Financial Freedom with ONE Short-Term Rental Webinar

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Pros Who Know

Short-Term Tax Startegist

We provide a unique concierge finance model that includes full-service tax preparation, documentation, and proactive measures to help busy professionals save money on their taxes.

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Jamie Jeulfs

A short-term rental investor agent who can use her extensive network to find you an agent knowledgeable in short-term rentals who can meet your needs.

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Property Management Software Solutions


A revenue management solution with dynamic pricing and PMS integration for vacation and short-term rental property managers.

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In the vacation rental sector, we are known as a leader in channel management in the vacation rental industry, CRM, PM, accounting, messaging, and websites.

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Market Analysis


AirDNA is the industry's top data and analytics supplier for short-term rentals. We provide the most precise tools for hosts, investors, and businesses to succeed in the vacation rental industry.

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Mashvisor is a real estate investing software application that assists investors in discovering profitable traditional and Airbnb rental properties.

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The best source of statistics and analytics for Airbnb and short-term rentals. Our market insights aid in understanding short-term rental markets.

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Vacation Rental Marketing


Kajabi analytics is a comprehensive dashboard that displays website traffic, income, opt-ins, course progress, and more. Basically, whenever something significant occurs on your site, Kajabi has a mechanism to quantify and measure it.

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StayFi is a cloud-managed mesh WiFi system that is simple to set up and manage. You can quickly monitor all of your networks from afar and avoid guest WiFi complaints.

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Canva is an online graphic design tool that is available for free. It may be used to make social media postings, presentations, posters, films, and logos, among other things.

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Touch Stay

Touch Stay is a digital guest welcome book that you can use to deliver all of the information that your Airbnb guests will need before and during their stay. 

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Introducing the end of writer’s block. With CopyAI’s automated creativity tools, you can generate marketing copy in seconds.

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Homestay is a cost-effective lodging option for independent leisure travelers of all ages, interns, students, and anybody seeking a true travel experience.

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