Rocket your rental

Maximize profit, minimize expenses and automate your time.

Are you ready to go from ZERO local real estate knowledge, NO time, NO network, NO money and NO a successful short-term rental real estate investor with a cash-flowing portfolio, who has complete freedom and control over the income, time and overall direction of your life?

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Why Rocket Your Rental?

Financial Freedom

Get to financial freedom in as few as 1 short term rental door and change your life forever

Increase Net worth

Increase your net worth by adding largely passive income to your portfolio so that you can practice on your own terms


Learn how to automate so that you are largely making money in your sleep

Our Success Story

We decided to get into short term rentals to get to financial freedom with passive income so that we could practice medicine on our own terms.  We went about it different than others in medicine.  We defined our end goal and worked backward to see how quickly we could get there.  We did it in one short term rental door.  Short-term rentals can have unparalleled rate of returns. Add in their tremendous tax benefit and that it is a lifestyle asset, and you will wish you got started sooner.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started” - Mark Twain

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Your network is your net worth- connect with others growing their business. 

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I will meet you where you are and guide you to success

Let us condense endless hours of research and learning and shave months to years off the learning curve.

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